I work with clients individually or in groups, in sacred places in nature or in more traditional workshop settings. My work is very fluid, and our journey always follows the trail of synchronicity.

This is how an author once described my work:

“Like most deeply gifted spiritual intuitives, Fran is sensitive in a variety of ways; information and experiences are seemingly always coming at her from all directions. She might surprise you with a message from your dead uncle Phil, for instance. She’s also a synchronicity magnet, routinely drawing profound spiritual connections into her life (and yours), which then manifest as divine coincidence in the physical world.

Here’s what that InnerVision thing feels like when she does a journey with me: It’s as if a vast, mighty bridge opens up to another realm, and then waits in patient non-judgment while I decide whether or not to cross. Anytime I accept the invitation to cross that bridge, it’s an absolutely unforgettable experience.”